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We make companies successful by guaranteeing the best customer experience for their clients


We are committed to our client’s success


Our passion is to help your business grow and get results


We guarantee trust, transparency and respect


We act with integrity, true to our values

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Customer Service

We are passionate about your customer experience

Every day we connect thousands of people with leading brands across the world, helping companies meet increasing consumer needs while improving efficiency and achieving business goals.

We do so by providing a differentiated customer experience that generates value for consumers and companies through our unique blend of people, solutions and channels.

Masterlink Group stands as a leading provider of customer relations services and solutions with high standards. Our strong operational presence allows us to support clients in our local markets and to provide a leading nearshore solution.

Our motivated team of employees is a key enabler for our business model and a core competitive advantage; financially vested in your success.

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Imogen Vargas

CEO Femme

Kelsey Rose

Co-Founder Femme

Naziah Zahra

Head Manager