Technical support

Technical support: zero cold cases

Your purpose: developing awesome products and services. —Ours: delivering first-contact solutions to technical problems.

At Masterlink Global, our Technical Support Specialists have the capabilities, experience and resources to provide a world-class service beyond the initial sale. We have your back.

You are 3 steps from success!

Zero cold cases

Our Tech Support Specialists learn and internalize your culture. They build and secure customer relationships.

Our Tech Support Specialists learn and internalize your culture. They build and secure customer relationships.


Our Tech Support Specialists provide multiple communication channels (inbound calls, live chat, email, etc.) recreating your brand experience consistently. Additionally, they integrate your brand personality to our IVR service to offer an enthusiastic self-service function experience. Our Brand Specialists, on the other hand, can handle your calls on a 24/7 basis to exceed your customers’ demands as to levels of service. We turn every customers’ problem into a positive experience.


Your goal: building revenues and growing your brand loyalty. What will you need? A significant capital and human investment to establish a tech support basement for your customer. Masterlink Group does this for you, saving you time and money. Our top technology and deep call center experience serve as a leverage to upgrade the level of the technical support services your customers get from us. You can use this precious time you save to focus on your core competencies and leave the how’s in our hands.


We understand how technical support builds and secures your customer relationships. In this sense, our Tech Support Specialists learn and internalize your culture, delivering it at every touch point alongside informed answers and expert advice. They put themselves in your customers’ shoes and resolve every issue to the customer’s satisfaction.


Your customers feel more comfortable with your brand if they are spoken in a language they can relate to. At Masterlink Group we understand this and, therefore, deliver bilingual and multilingual technical support services. Your customers are first on your list, as well as on ours. We offer all conveniences your customers need to become a loyal buyer.

Our Clients Said

We make companies successful by guaranteeing the best customer experience for their clients

The interactive voice response allows us to connect the need of our costumers to the correct representatives; providing full and efficient support.

    Emmanuel Rosario
    Emmanuel Rosario

    Immigration Services

    Thanks to Masterlink’s support our ministry has been able to service people from all over the world, at a fast but efficient pace

      King Jesus Ministries
      King Jesus Ministries


      We loved the the way the interactive voice response enabled us to direct our clients to the correct customer service specialist.


        Car industry

        The team has successfully handled all of our online inquiries and stakeholders during our conferences.

          Alejandro Cardona
          Alejandro Cardona

          Seminario Creando Riqueza