In chat support

Live chat support: proactive and reactive

Our live chat support agents deliver expertise and passion in every chat interaction. We are true to your brand personality.

Dedicated Brand Specialists translate into superior customer service which, in turn, generates more satisfied customers, more sales, greater ROI and AOV, higher conversion rates, less shopping cart abandonment, and increased brand loyalty.

You are 3 steps from success!

In chat support

Live chat support: proactive and reactive Increase your sales, retain customers and create brand loyalty with our comprehensive inbound offer

Our live chat support agents are the voice of your brand.


With our live chat support, your website’s visitors will never walk alone, our Brand Specialists are available at all times to provide personalized assistance through our comfortable conversation platform with which you can gain engagement. Browsing and shopping on your website will be an enjoyable experience thanks to our services.


Your customer asks, we respond. Quick responses are fundamental to brand prestige and service quality, and our reactive live chat guarantees your brand will stand out from the crowd and boosts customers’ experience.


We adopt a proactive attitude to help your customers walk out of check-out errors or zero search-return results. If we identify a customer has been on the shopping cart page for too long (let's say 90 seconds), we send a message offering our assistance. We let your client know our service is available without being aggressive or intrusive. The chat window disappears after 30 seconds if no response.


If you wish, Masterlink Group can provide you with customized reports to measure the effect of proactive and reactive live chat events on check-out errors, shopping cart abandonment, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and average order values. Our ultimate goal is to convert the visitors to your website into loyal, long-time customers through a special, helpful and efficient attention. Eventually, in doing so, your sales will enhance and your brand loyalty will grow.


We not only provide short response times but also personalized assistance and interaction with more than one visitor at a time, thus, reducing your cost whilst maintaining quality. By anticipating your customers’ needs, we can increase their confidence in your products and services.

Our Clients Said

We make companies successful by guaranteeing the best customer experience for their clients

The interactive voice response allows us to connect the need of our costumers to the correct representatives; providing full and efficient support.

    Emmanuel Rosario
    Emmanuel Rosario

    Immigration Services

    Thanks to Masterlink’s support our ministry has been able to service people from all over the world, at a fast but efficient pace

      King Jesus Ministries
      King Jesus Ministries


      We loved the the way the interactive voice response enabled us to direct our clients to the correct customer service specialist.


        Car industry

        The team has successfully handled all of our online inquiries and stakeholders during our conferences.

          Alejandro Cardona
          Alejandro Cardona

          Seminario Creando Riqueza